Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is this from the 1830's?

A typical moment in this household...

As I'm typing the last post, Caleigh comes downstairs into my office. Unbeknownst to me, she wanders over to the wall-o-books and picks up an 18th century naval dirk (restored) and comes up behind me.

She asks: "can I play with this Daddy?"

I saw what she had and said "uuuhhhhhh....NO!" and explained why.

Then she wanted to know what exactly a dirk was. Was it a sword?

In her little hands, it did look like a sword.

I told her that it was very old, hundreds of years.

She said "Oh, it is from the 1830's or something?"

I said no, that it was from the 1700's.

Her response was simple: "Oh, that's cool".

She put it back, briefly looked at the other one, and then distracted herself with a brochure from Storyland, an amusement park in the Lakes Region.


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