Monday, October 24, 2005

UPS drops the ball

I've always been a fan of UPS over FedEx...until this year.

When we have recieved international shipments via FedEx, they have consistantly lost them for months at a time. Until this year, UPS had lost only one package (Joe H's bayonets), misrouted one (MA to NY by way of FL) and damaged only a couple.

This summer and fall have been rough on packages! Poor Loren in NY, who is only a 3 hour drive from here, consitantly gets damaged packages. There was a 3rd model sent to Maine that was horribly smashed, and right now I've got a claim to file for a 3rd model sent to Carlo in CA that was broken.

Sometime things just happen. Once upon a lifetime, Wendy worked at the UPS hub as a sorter. She has horror stories to tell about how packages are treated. For instance, the most efficient way to get the ones on top of the pile is to pull out certain load-bearing packages on the bottom. Like the game "Jenga" in reverse.

Almost every musket that I've seen damaged had taken a whack in the wrist area. You can clearly see the dent in the box where something hit it. I can't imagine what. It seems to be rectangular in shape, maybe 1" wide and 4" long. Neldon out in UT had an object pass through a box containing a musket and a pistol, damaging them both.

What occupies my mind this afternoon is a guy down in LA. He is NOT located in a flooded area. He regularly gets deliveries by FedEx, no problem. He ordered a fowler. We shipped the fowler. Seems simple, no? No, not once UPS got involved.

The package left NH and went to a hub in IL, where it was stopped and returned to us because his zip code is in a flood-affected area. Actually, if you look at the list of affected zip codes (like Wendy did before shipping it) his zip is NOT on it.

UPS chose instead to return the package to us, at our expense. A cubicle person we poke to earlier today declared that we could resend it, but would have to pay for the second trip because the delay was caused by "and act of God" and was thus exempt from any delivery guarantee. I call BS on this one, and told her that if they were not able to deliver it, they should not have accepted it and if they wanted to return it, fine, but I wanted a refund of the shipping charges because they did not actually render any service to me.

She kept repeating the same stupid line about how UPS facilities were damaged by an act of God and that they were not responsible for not doing the job that I paid them for. After a few minutes of trying to teach a pig to sing, I asked to speak to her supervisor, and she told me that her supervisor wouldn't be able to help me. When I insisted, she hung up on me.

A few minutes later, the UPS guy showed up to make the daily pickup and tried to drop off the fowler. I would not accept it and told him that I wanted to speak to the area sales rep to get this straightened out. Let's see if he calls!

In the meantime, UPS is still in possesion of the poor guy's fowler. To me, this looks like a simple UPS screw up at the hub in IL and they are refusing to even examine the situation. If the package were in the system as undeliverable, it would have ben stopped at the Keene sorting facility, and not made the trek to IL.

As much as I distrust FedEx, if this isn't resolved ASAP, I'll be setting up an account with them.


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Hi everyone,

I got very behind on reading Pete's blog. It's been a crazy year. I posted a response to what Pete wrote on September 10, but I realized that no one will see it, unless they are as behind as I am. So, go back to September 10 entry if you are interested.

Also, I figured out that it is very confusing to post on this blog. If you just read it as it is written, then there is no way to comment. If you click on the actual entry to the left, then scroll to the bottom of the entry, then there is a place to click to comment.

I know that Pete would love to have some interaction here! So, if you feel inclined, please comment!

The only comments that we have gotten so far are spammers.

Wendy aka and dba Mrs. Plunkett

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