Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First the boiler, now the water heater

OK, so Chester and I went to Lowell yesterday to load up my trailer with assorted "stuff" from the cellar. After that, I took him out for Cambodian food, his first time! I like that stuff, but am out of practice in digesting it. He opted for something safe: noodle soup with shrimp and beef. Not me, I had the "beef with spices", the spices being 6 or 8 chilis cut into chinks cleverly hidden inbetween the bell peppers. I used to eat that stuff all the time, but since I moved to NH my tolerance has lessened a bit so I was paying for it with a bit of a stomach ache this morning.

It's not bad enough that the boiler cooked itself in Lowell, but here in NH the water heater seems to have sprung a leak. If it is original to the house (and it appears to be) it is around 16 years old, which unfortunately is a typical service life for a modern water heater.

The water covered the floor in the utility room, spread under the wall to the machine shop and then from there to my office, where it soaked a box of papers. At least it didn't flow into the gun room!

So tomorrow I'll head over to Springfield VT to the plumbing supply place to get a new one and spend part (most?) of the day swapping it out. In the meantime, we are expecting a full house tomorrow, with Jeff, Chester, Steven and eventually Louise working to get the current shipment prepped, packed and shipped.


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