Monday, November 07, 2005

More guns on the way!

We got word over the weekend that there is another shipment of guns on the way. Six crates. Fowlers, Besses, Bakers, French muskets, blunderbusses, an assortment of pistols, an assortment of powder flasks (I don't even know what these look like yet). Bess bayonets too, which brings us a little bit closer to being caught up on bayonets.

My guess is that they should be here by the end of the week, provided that the unrest in the EU doesn't get out of hand to the point that the airports close.

On another note, we are expecting Chester and Steven to sign on soon, which should make things more efficient around here. It's been hard to keep up without Chris.

The first thing I will subject them to is finishing up the move from Lowell. There are only a few things left there, but we need to do a general clean-up of the yard of downed wood etc. that is required for the closing to go down on schedule. It should have been done weeks ago, but Nikkie bailed out on me and just left it undone. Didn't even tell me that she quit! I thought she was more mature than that, but I guess not.

News from the farmstead: yesterday the guineas decided to wander away and not come home to roost. In the morning, they were making their normal racket outside the door, but by the time I got the feed buckets filled and went outside, the adults had wandered off, leaving just the babies. By nightfall, the babies were gone too. This morning when I got up, there was still no sign of any of them and I assumed they weren't coming back. We had to run over to Springfield first thing in the morning, and when we were ready to leave, here came the guineas, making just as much noise as ever. It was just the adults, but at least they made it home. Maybe they have found a better roost out in the woods, and hopefully they will bring the babies back next time. Silly guineas!


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