Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I wish people would just let me work

We offer a warranty on our locks. I'm not even going to get into the ways people abuse it, I'm mostly annoyed today with how people behave when they send something in for repair.

First they'll say something dumb, like "I need a new lock". Then I'll have to go through the whole dance with them, finding out that there is nothing wrong with the lock, it just needs the frizzen hardened. This uses up a lot of time as we have to go back and forth via email over it.

Eventually, they send the lock in...and tell me they sent it. Then the next phase starts where they write to me repeatedly asking "Did you get it yet? I see from the tracking number it was delivered yesterday, but I didn't hear anything yet".

Then it starts..."I sent it in on Friday but didn't hear anything yet".

I spend more than half of my day dealing with stupid emails like that. If people would just be grownups about it and let us do our jobs without feeling compelled to "check on" their locks, we could get them fixed and out the door a whole lot faster.

YOUR LOCK DOESN'T MISS YOU! You don't need to check in with it every day.

Please, just let us do our job.


Blogger Kenneth James said...

Peter, this is essentially "Common Sense!" glad you have patience to Perservere!

"Your lock doesn't miss YOU!" is priceless. Keep on Keeping on! Best customer service in muzzleloading!

2:24 PM  

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