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Friday, July 01, 2005

Back from Ti, getting ready for the 4th of July

We got back from Ticonderoga a couple of days ago. It was hot and humid. There is a weather cycle for the Ti event, we'll get a couple of great years, then an opressively hot one, then a wet, muddy one.

This year we got the muddy and hot at the same time. Since the military camp is located partially on top of a RevWar period cemetary, if it is muddy you can't bring vehicles onto the field for fear of disturbing archaeological stuff. When that happens, participants have to schlep all of their gear down from the road.

Since we were set up on sutler row, we got to drive in with our trailer.

It was a pretty slow weekend sales-wise becuse of the heat. Folks just didn't want to leave the shade of dining flies to go shopping. It was still fun, we got to see old friends and make new ones. I also got to display the "mystery musket" (I won't ruin the fun by explaining what that is, you'll have to see it at an event and make a guess).

Setting up and tearing down is much easier now that we have weeded out a lot of non-gun stuff (what Wendy calls "girl stuff"). That means more room in both the tent and trailer for display items and period tools.

After a few days of trying to adjust to the 21st century again, we are getting ready for some family who are coming up to camp here for the weekend. I gotta get a campfire permit, and since Sunday's cookout is to be a chicken BBQ, we've got some chickens to slaughter. The weather is supposed to be good, rain tonight with sunny, warm but not nasty-hot weather.