Pete's random thoughts

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It has been one of those days

So far today:

I've managed to set off the smoke detectors...twice.

I dropped an orange-hot frizzen as I was taking it out of the forge and dropped it in the snow, where it immediately melted it's way down to the ground where I had to forage around in the steamy snow with a pair of tongs to find it.

I managed to chop a pressurized air hose in two with a Mapp gas torch, causing it to whip around the shop creating noise and havoc, like the runaway hose as a fireman's muster.

But this is a new one: as I was taking a drink from me ever-present glass of iced tea, I had to spit a small, hard, sharp object out. Of course it was a flake of flint that managed to land there from testing locks!