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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A challenge to the Civil War blowhards

The past few days have been frustrating.

We busted ass to get a shipment of Enfields out to people in time to go to a big event in VA, and folks are getting a hassle from some blowhard "commanders" who are telling them that Indian made guns are not allowed at the event because they are "unsafe".

What a crock of bull!

Aside from the disturbing fact that people this stupid are allowed to command on the field, they are forcing working class people to buy the inflated price for Italian made muskets for no good reason. Something that costs $1200 MUST be better than something that costs $500, right?

Here is my challenge to any of the stuffed shirt so-called "commanders" out there that seem to think they know things about guns just because they wear uniforms and pretend they are officers on the weekend:

If Indian made guns are somehow unsafe....PROVE IT. Show me evidence that they are unsafe, show me a lab report saying that there is something unsafe about the steel, show me a design flaw, show me a tiny shred of proof that your claims of Indian made Enfields are in any way unsafe.

Guess what? You can't.

Don't let that stop you from running your mouths though, I wouldn't want your pathetic little egos to be neglected. Too bad you don't seek actual knowledge to back up your claims.

We went through this same nonsense with RevWar people over a decade ago. Know what? They were wrong too and Indian made guns have proven themselves to be just as safe as the Italian made guns that blowhards all tend to worship.

Maybe some day the Civil War era blowhards will grow up and accept that fact too.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Mother goose is a little confused

So we have this goose. She was part of a mating pair of Toulouse geese, but a bobcat killed the male. Now she just lays unfertilized eggs.

Because of various complicated food allregies that affect different household members, I'm pretty much the only person here eating chicken eggs at this point, so when the chickens started laying their eggs in a nest, I figured I'd let them pile up and see which hen sat on them so we could have some spring chickens. The chicken eggs ARE fertile since we have a rooster.

What I didn't count on was Momma Goose deciding to sit on the chicken eggs.

I have no idea how this scenario is going to end.