Pete's random thoughts

Friday, May 28, 2010

Babies everywhere!

Rick wrote to remind me to post here. I'm glad he does that, because I forget about the fun stuff all too often.

Now it is late spring and about to be summer. Everyone is having babies. There are baby ducklings, baby rabbits and a brooder full of baby chickens.

I'm trying to keep it all organized this year so as to make it efficient and grow as much as we can during the good weather because hauling buckets of water to replace frozen ones in January is somewhat of a drag.

The plan is to raise a batch of meat chickens every month (I'm getting ready to order the 2nd batch of chicks for the year), and to organize the breeding of the rabbits so that there is a cage full of babies at all times. My first cage of babies is ready to wean, and it's time to breed their Momma again.

The ducks, well, they are on their own and breed whenever they feel like it. I do have some males that I'm going to cull though. They will go in the freezer to save for special occasions like holiday dinners.